"My initial research about animal kingdom oddities began with clownfish.  They happily change sex as a natural process of their life span:  if they’re lucky.  Whenever a leading female, or bitch if you will, dies unexpectedly within the colony, one of the more gifted males will mutate into a female and take her place, mating with the most dominant male."
(Ronique XXX)

Posh is a film about RONIQUE XXX a Berlin based artist and scientist experimenting with life as an extraterrestrial in human form. She writes, composes and performs her own invention of sound called Hard Sci Fucking' Funk. She witnesses a murder and transforms into a mutant femme-fatale avenger.

Germany 2012, shortfilm 22 min. 
starring: Ronique Veira, Ignazio Caporrimo, Simone Ogunbunmi, Friederike Hirz, Ariadna del Carmen, Alexandra Koknat, Tali De'Mar, Derrick Amanatidis Written by Cinemachete Sound Vincent Ribaud Director of Photography Charlotte Michel Editor Tim Travers Hawkins Sounddesign César Fernández Production Design Michaela Muchina Makeup Design Nuria de Lario Illustrations Sergio Ferroj Make-Up Purita DurangoResearch & Production Assistance Laura Paetau First Assistant Director Llaima Sanfiorenzo Producer Martin Backhaus Music: RONIQUE XXX, Sion Jeong, Simone Ogunbunmi, EPLP and the Magic Lantern
Idea & Director Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau

"Apparently, accepting the idea that one is of a certain gender encourages directional stimulation and growth in people like myself, but the unfortunate part was that I had to reverse years and years of negative programming." 
(Ronique XXX)

"My infinite path of beautiful evolution into an ascended masterful being continues.  In the physical dimensions of current reality, I’m a proud single black female: hermaphrodite.  The example of my life is proof that we create our own experiences here on the planet.  Choice and chance are universal intelligence in the human brain and consciousness. " (Ronique XXX)