Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau

transcultural mutant lover, technicolor obsessionist, semipermeable Monotasker,
gender cat, story witnesser/gossip girl, filmproviser,

Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau‘s artistic projects are located between film and theatrical performance, dealing with postcolonial subjects and kuir (queer) cultures. Paetau’s works have been featured at Festival de Cannes, Documenta 14, MoMA, Studio Я of Maxim Gorki Theatre, among others. In 2018 Simon(e) was awarded the Prize of Best Director at the Int. Cartagena Film Festival, Colombia for “The Whisper of the Jaguar” and won 2019 the 1. prize (MuVi Award) at Oberhausen for the video "Trying to forget you". Currently, Simon(e) is developing their second Feature Film REBELS ON HEELS supported by the Résidence du Festival de Cannes.

ManiFiesta!(theatrical performance), 2019, 12 min.
Trying to forget you(shortfilm),2019, 8 min.
The Whisper of the Jaguar(Feature Film), 2017, 79 min.
Frutas Afrodisíacas(theatrical performance), 2016, 72 min.
Gritty Glamour(theatrical performance), 2015, 80 min.
Cruising in High Heels(film), 2014, 47 min.
Posh(shortfilm), 2012, 22.min.
Mila Caos(shortfilm), 2011, 18 min.
Lua Verde (shortfilm), 2011, 20 min.
Oury Jalloh(shortfilm), 2008, 30 min.

What is queer today is not queer tomorrow(co-curator)