20/06/2019 We are most honoured to be part of the festival “The Present is not enough” at Hebbel am Ufer Hau - Berlin. Working along with Partner in Crime Aérea Negrot commemorating the 50th anniversary of the #Stonewallriots, we will offer you a bouquet of Tai-chi Matrix Orchids. Along with a great line-up of Berlin-based artist, will be a unique happening. 
GET TICKETS, they do get sold… 20th of June at HAU 2
pic @tagesspiegel by #Dorotheatuch

1. Prize Oberhausen kurzfilmtage MuVi Awards

"Trying to forget you" won the 1. prize for the Best German Music video at the 65th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen - 21st MuVi Award.

The jury consisted by 
Eric D. Clark, musician and producer, USA
Jan Ehlen, artist, Deutschland
Liz Pelly, writer, USA

The jury's statement:
After watching all of this year’s MuVi Award submissions, though, we did feel an immediate consensus about the first place winner, for its raw interpretation. (...)
We were struck by the video’s juxtaposition of a proclamation that “we will not be erased” with the expression of “just trying to forget”, which conveys an autonomy around memory that speaks to its greater sense of empowerment, all on display here with confrontational energy and beauty alike. (...)
We also appreciated how Trying to Forget You is both visceral and humorous, qualities equally necessary in today’s political climate. They are also qualities channeled by our second place selection — a video that resonated for its urgency around interrogation of institutional and political power, told through a visual narrative as strong as it is playful.

Foto: Kurzfilmtage / Daniel Gasenzer

World Premier "Trying to forget you"

My new music video "TRYING TO FORGET YOU" (directed with Aérea Negrot) is selected for the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen and competing for the MuVi Award.

Pre-selection for the Fénix Iberoamerican Film Awards

"The Whisper of the Jaguar" has been pre-selected for the Fénix Iberoamerican Film Awards!

" 300 critics, academics, programmers, festival directors and cultural managers from Latin America, Spain and Portugal, as well as other professionals from the rest of the world with an interest in cinema in the region who are part of Cinema23, participated in the pre-selection committee of eligible films. Their work consisted of evaluating 787 feature films to establish the pre-selection of the productions that could compete for a nomination in the fifth edition of the Fénix Awards. The committee chose 93 feature films: 66 fiction and 27 documentary films, in addition to 36 series."