MAMM (Museum of Modern Art Medellin)

"The Whisper of the Jaguar" is shown during the whole month of July at the MAMM (Museum of Modern Art Medellin). Exact screening times under

Ciclo Rosa - The whisper of the Jaguar

"The Whisper of the Jaguar" opens together with the big exhibition "the Traces of the Jaguar" the Ciclo Rosa at the cinemateca distrital (Bogota) on the 28th of June. The exhibit will focus on the traces, the investigation and the creative process of the film and will be accompanied by talks with the directors. In addition, the film will travel with its directors as part of the Ciclo Rosa, as well to Medellin(4th July) and Cali(6th July) afterwards.

After travelling the screens of Cartagena de Indias and Kassel, "the Whisper of the Jaguar", finally arrives in Berlin at Il kino and as well part of the Festival QUEER WEEKEND at Gorki Studio Я.

"Cruising in High Heels" will once more cruise Berlin, too.

So for everybody who hasn't been able to see the films, now is the time. Put on your highest heels and sweat with us in the cinema.

The Whisper of the Jaguar:

  • Wednesday, June 20 at 7 PM 
IL KINO Berlin
Saturday, June 23 at 6 PM
Studio Я

Cruising in High Heels:

Friday, June 22 at 6 PM

Chile Premier "The whisper of the Jaguar"

"The Whisper of the Jaguar" is celebrating its Chile Premier between the 12th and 17th of June at Amorfestival in Santiago and Valparaiso.

Best Directors at Festival Internacional de Cine Cartagena de Indías

Thais Guisasola and Simon(e) J. Paetau won Best Directors at Ficci - Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indías! This is so rewarding on so many levels, in regards to a Film Festival who is focusing so much on decolonizing and strong kuir cinematographies from mainly Latinamerica, to Cartagena Simon(e)'s second hometown and due to all the hard work from everybody working on #TheWhisperoftheJaguar. Thanks again to everybody! #Ficcipurovoltaje58

Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias

Es difícil definir The whisper of the Jaguar - o filme, solo podemos adelantarles que tiene travesías espirituales, evocaciones del colonialismo, desencuentros sexuales, personajes queer y rapé y ayahuasca, todo esto contenido en una road movie tropical. Vea su trailer oficial y entre en su universo en este #PuroVoltajeFICCI58

International Premier "The whisper of the Jaguar"

"The Whisper of the Jaguar" is celebrating its international Premier in my second hometown Cartagena, at the oldest and one of the main Film Festivals in Latinamerica FICCI - Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias in the Colombian Competition. Thanks to everybody and especially to our wonderful crew who collaborated so fiercely to make this happen!